Mialisia: A Recipe for fun AND success!

I realize this is a recipe blog. And it still is. And it always will be. There's another kind of "recipe" I just HAVE TO SHARE with you. Hear me out. Watch the videos. Read what I have to share. Listen to one phone call. You won't regret it. I promise.

I recently joined MIALISIA as an INDEPENDENT FOUNDING DESIGNER. It is an amazing company!!! It is a patented jewelry concept that is a RECIPE for fun, success, and YOU get to be the designer! Watch the Concept video, the Story behind the jewelry. Since we launched in July, I am just loving getting to show everyone our MIALISIA jewelry! The jewelry is versatile, interchageable, fashionable, and quality!!!

See for yourself!:

The founders and CEOs, Sean and Annelise Brown, are exceptional people. NEAT PEOPLE!!! I met Sean at a prelaunch event. Talk about grounded, kind, and not at all pretentious. Just a normal, funny, educated, and genuine guy. I was very impressed. I am very happy to be part of a company with people like him running it.

From the Mialisia website:
"At Mialisia we believe the jewelry you wear is an extension of you. It expresses your mood, your attitude and especially your personality. That’s why Mialisia’s interchangeable jewelry converts into dozens of different looks and styles. This Versastyle™ jewelry provides today’s busy woman with both convenient options and incredible value."

The concept is going to change the way people look, feel, and think about jewelry. This IS NOT just "another jewelry company." It isn't "just another startup" or "another MLM." If you watch the video about what they have been doing the past few years, you will come to realize how special this jewelry really is. Our company is in the very beginning stages. What does that mean? It means HUGE OPPORTUNITIES!!!! Be part of this company at the beginning! Haven't you ever wondered what it would have been like to be part of Pampered Chef or Scentsy or any other big company in the beginning stages? I have. THIS is THAT opportunity!

Annelise sold over $1 MILLION from her basement! The ladies at craft and trade shows went crazy over this jewelry! And it is no wonder they did. The price is so reasonable. 90% of the jewelry is between $15-$50. You get more than just a necklace. It does so much! It becomes a bracelet, boot bling, a belt. It can be combined with any of the other pieces to become a completely different look!

The jewelry is lifetime guaranteed.  Free shipping to the customer's home with only a $40 purchase! No one in this industry does that. I have had the privilege of seeing and playing with the jewelry. It is high quality. My toddler could pull on it all through church and it would be fine. NOT the case with any of my other jewelry I've ever had. Haha.

When I was introduced to this company by a dear friend, I researched the internet about Mialisia. I found a lot of information. Later I discovered some of the information on other websites was not accurate or it was misleading. If you have questions, allow ME to answer them! If you're curious, there are several opportunity calls this week. You can just listen in. You just mute yourself and listen. Then when they open it up for questions, unmute to ask your question. If you want to contact me before the opportunity calls or have questions between the opportunity calls, don't hesitate to contact me: jillmialisia@live.com

Opportunity Calls:
Conference Call #559-726-1300 access code:699461#
Monday, August 5th
Tuesday, August 6th
... 4:30pmPT/5:30pmMT/6:30pmCT/7:30pmET
Wednesday, August 7th
Friday, August 9th
These opportunity calls are great to invite people to hear the excitement about Mialisia and to learn about all of the details about joining this NEWLY LAUNCHED company! Invite everyone to listen and to be educated about the facts so they can make an educated decision for themselves!

These are recorded as well so every person who is not able to listen to a live call can listen to the recording at any time!!!
Recorded Opportunity Call:
559-726-1399 access code:699461#
As of right now, the team I am part of is NUMBER ONE in the country!!! Be part of that team! There are four teams currently in the country. And teams within those teams. Our team is the fastest growing and has the most members out of ALL the teams in the company! Contact ME to be a part of the excitement. BE part of the company at the beginning stages because I'm telling you.... now that we have launched, the masses will come. Our company is on fire! Take the opportunity now to build your team! The compensation plan is awesome. We have a great hostess program. You are not going to be begging people to have a party. THEY WILL WANT TO HAVE ONE! The jewelry is fun! The possibilities are ENDLESS. I know. I played with several pieces myself. Once women start to play with it and see the possibilites, the jewelry sells itself. It truly does.

Here is just a peek of some of the jewelry. I have a Facebook page with many more looks and some of my own from the prelaunch event I attended. Go have a look, and then contact ME to join my team!


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