Breakfast Sandwich - Homemade Egg McMuffin

from my own brain
- I know there are other blogs out there with this on it. But I did just think of it myself one morning since I knew there wasn't a McD's or BK even close to my house. :) And yes, I promise there is an egg in that picture. The cheese is just melted over it.

And, I know we're trying to add lo-fat, lo-cal recipes. But I have to add this one. It's so yummy!

English Muffins
American Cheese slices
Bacon slices or ham
Syrup (optional)

These are easy, but so yummy. Toast the english muffin. Cook the egg to your liking. My husband likes his fried (and with a runny yolk), but I like it scrambled and patted down into a flat egg (like you get at the restaurant). Place on english muffin bottom. Add cheese slice while egg is still warm so it can slightly melt. Place ham or bacon on top and put english muffin on top. We use the precooked bacon and do 1 slice of bacon (cut into half) per sandwich. For extra yummyness, drizzle a tiny bit of syrup over the top of the ham/bacon, or the egg if you want, before you put on the english muffin top. If we do ham, I either use ham from a dinner we had or if I have it on hand, I use the canadian bacon you get at Sam's Club (it is in a pkg with lots of presliced Canadian Bacon pieces --they're a great size). My husband likes to dip his sandwich in ketchup. I like to use a little more syrup. Naughty!, I know. But hey, we don't have them everyday... it's okay.

There you have it, you're own Egg McMuffin sandwich -at home! Not hard, easy to do and you can make as many or as few as you want.

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It has been suggested by friends and family to make a "Lo-Fat/Lo-Cal" label for our recipes. I will do my best to go through them and see which ones are. Many of them can be made lo-fat/lo-cal by just changing the hamburger to be ground turkey or using lite sour cream, etc. I will go through them and make a "lo-fat tip" section for some of those. Others you can figure it out by adjusting the ingredients.

For those of you who are authors, and have some lo-fat/lo-cal recipes, please POST them!!! I've created a new e-mail just for this recipe blog: If you have questions or want to be added as an author, please send me an e-mail to that address.

Thanks to all those who have been contributing to our little recipe blog. We have 23 authors! It has been really nice to have such a great compilation of recipes. And anytime anyone asks me for a recipe I can just say "Oh, it's on the recipe blog!" So convenient!!!

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BBQ Sparerib Meatballs

From my own brain
I thought of these one night when I was craving spareribs but didn't have any spareribs. So I tried them out and they've been a hit in our family ever since.

1 to 2 lbs of hamburger, thawed (1 lb makes 20-30 balls, 2lbs makes about 40-60 balls, it depends on how big you make your meatballs)
2 Tbsp to 1/4 cup finely blended oatmeal (almost like an oatmeal flour), I do this in the blender and then store it in a tightly sealed container and use it as I need it.
Mnced onions (desired amount)
dash of salt and pepper

Add all ingredients to a large bowl. Mix and assess if you need more blended oatmeal. You want to make sure you have enough but too much will make them dry. 2 Tbsp+ is about right for 1 lb. And 1/4 cup is about right for 2 lbs. Mix well with fork and roll balls into 1 inch balls. Place in 9x13 inch pan (they can be close together.) The picture below is of 2 lbs and 60 meatballs.
Cook for 30 minutes at 375. They may need longer if you are doing 2 lbs.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan make sparerib sauce. It can be any recipe. I like ones that are a little tiny bit sweet and not overly spicy. A sparerib can handle that but it is a lot for a meatball. Or if you want a super fast sauce, just buy it in a bottle. I haven't found one I like yet. If you do, let me know. I'll try it out!

After the meatballs cook, make sure they look mostly done. You want them to be completely brown all the way around. If they're not put them back in for a few more minutes. If you're really adept, hold the pan and pour the drippings into a bowl. I'm not super adept so I usually just remove them from the oven and put them on a large plate. Then I pour out the drippings and wipe out pan and put the meatballs back in.

Pour some sparerib sauce over the meatballs. (I don't usually ending up needing all of it so I store it in a bowl and use it later for chicken or for another smaller batch of meatballs.) Put meatballs back in oven and cook for another 20 minutes. I usually pull one out and cut it in half and make sure it is all the way done. Serve with mashed potatoes, any flavor of rice, or use for hors d'oeuvres. Very good!

For appetizers, serve meatballs on a plate with a toothpick in each.

***Lo-Fat suggestion: Instead of hamburger, use ground turkey. That will at least off set some of the calories/fat from any sauce you use. Unless you're able to find a low fat sauce... and then you're set!

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Pork Chops and Gravy

4-6 Pork Chops
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 can Golden Mushroom soup
Salt and Pepper
White rice

This is a super simple recipe. Take 4-6 pork chops, salt and pepper, and then brown on both sides. Combine one can of Cream of Mushroom soup with one can of Golden Mushroom soup. If you want to add a little water to the soup mixture you can. Pour over browned pork chops. Simmer until pork chops are done, about 20 minutes. Serve gravy over white rice. Super simple!

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